The ISA / ANV1 quick couplings are manufactured under ISO 7241-A (ISO-A) and incorporate a poppet valve closing system, interchangeable with the rest of the hydraulic quick couplings manufactured under ISO7241-A, IA, BIR, PAV1, ANV, 6600, 5600, 101., among others.

The ISO-A hydraulic couplings are available in carbon steel, stainless steel AISI316 and ISO-A 1/2” BSP also in brass.

The ISO-A quick coupling is the most used in different sectors, but especially in the agricultural sector, in agricultural trailers, tractors, seeders, brush cutters, sprayers …

For the ISO-A quick couplings  we offer to our customers plastic plugs and caps, as well as parkings (parking stations), which make it easier to keep the hydraulic hoses collected, thus preventing deterioration.