We update our range of ball valves, with new highly competitive prices for both, our BKH2 (BVC2, GE2, BKH, RS2, KHB)  (2 way) carbon steel and AISI316 stainless steel, and the BKL3 (3-way), ball valve model available in two versions, central male outport and central female outport, is also available in carbon steel and AISI316 stainless steel versions.

The BKL3 ball valves are supplied as standard with ball in “L” scheme, however, on request can be offered with ball in “T” scheme.

Both, the BKH2 hydraulic ball valve and the BKL3 (BVC3, GE3, BK3, RS3, KHB3K) are manufactured in a standard way with the two lateral mounting holes, making it easy to install in the hydraulic system.